Or centralized testing goals achieved?

Cardinal configurations in organizing centralized testing will not, because "Rules of admission to higher education," as promised bureaucrats of the Ministry of Education, in the next 5 years will not change.
Nepraduzyatasts and objectivity?
Centralized testing, plan officials, had two main objectives: nepraduzyatasts and objectivity of knowledge. However, according to teachers of high schools often do not come out. In Last year all the media wrote about the boy from Orsha, who scored a fantastic points and failed to Linguistic Institute, because all cheap seats were given to rural applicants and beneficiaries.
"It’s very difficult social situation where very many threats, and one of their shield abaronissya. Yes, of course, the problem of bribery, enrollment of students in similar relationships … On the other hand, a very creative person who has, special, but very useful for the profession and for their own specialization, and in general, for the society of knowledge, the properties — such people not pass, "- says a teacher of philosophy Mogilev municipal institute named Alexey Kuleshov Batyukov.
Exactly one month is given for applicants to file documents for testing. Registration points will work 8 th to the 20 th time in the day, not counting Sundays, before June 1. In point of registration applicant must appear in person with your passport, certificate of refugee or residence permit.
Self testing will take place from 12 to 20 June at the 11 general subjects. For students who fail take the role of testing with a respectful because this term defined alternate day — July 4.
Number of seats reduced budget
Another feature of today’s admission campaign — 700 seats reduced the number of budget places. Although, says the chairman of constant commission on education, culture, science and scientific and technical progress of the House of Representatives Vladimir Zdanowicz, "If you look out the Education Act, there is an expression:" It is forbidden in universities reduce the number of budget places due to the growth of paid places. "
But some are popular specialty very economical value and paid places to achieve a 7.
Chap. also
• Ability to free education reduced

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