Or solve the problem of global warming, nuclear power plants?

The representative of the Global Nuclear Association Gore Ian Lacey emphasizes that the problem of global warming can not be solved without the development of nuclear power:
"It is hard to imagine for themselves, possible in globally achieve a reduction of emissions of combustion products without nuclear energy. Nuclear energy — the basic design, which is ready to be expanded into a much larger scale to generate electricity without emissions of combustion products. "
He notes that in the world of work 440 reactors, about 30 new stations are being built. And if you bet on nuclear power in the fight against global warming, it is necessary to increment the number of reactors in four.
But environmentalists do not agree with this spectacle, and continue to regard nuclear power as deadly unsafe. Roger Higman of the organization "Friends of the Earth," reads:
"Nuclear power plants could be part of the solution to the problem of global warming, but the radioactive waste remains unsafe for 10s of thousands of years and they are specifically associated with a nuclear weapon. This may cheap kashtavats.Tamu we believe have the best methods for solving the problem of global warming, than nuclear power. "
Higman lists all the applications of nuclear energy — from solar and wind energy to improve the efficiency of energy conservation programs. Opponents of nuclear power also brought that under the guise of programs gaining energy for peaceful purposes the nuclear technology can be used to produce bombs. Specifically, it now suspected countries such as Iran and North Korea.
Meanwhile, sarcophagus built around the radioactive ruins of Chernobyl reactor destroyed. New sarcophagus cost one billion dollars, which builds the US-European consortium, will be ready in next year. But on the long way to Chernobyl story is complete.

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