Orthodox and Catholics celebrate Vyalikaden

The survey on the streets of Minsk: What do you first Easter mean?

Minsk Church of the Holy Trinity and St. Roch, which is Golden Hill. Now in the morning there were young, and more than middle-aged people to pray, confess to prazdnichkom, sanctify festive food. I asked what for them is prazdnichek Easter:
Believer: "It’s a tradition since youth. Always sanctify egg dishes, Passover loaf. This is mine, this is from the heart out. We celebrate with the whole family. Yesterday walked to church now. Pray, hold fast, go to confession."
Believer: "For the third day of Easter … the Lord gives trydyyumu very many favors. "
Girlfriend: "I like this prazdnichek. Gifts, savory food, sweet table."

Catholic activist Nikolai Bauman, who helps the priest in the parish of St. Roch, says that people in the church began to come more:
"People are coming more. There really is not bad, pious atmosphere, and I see more new people. People began living in the midst of a volatile, in which many uncertainties, many crises, depression, began to find something more robust. And at the moment more people are coming to God. "

Do Orthodox Church St. Alexander Nevsky Military Cemetery people wason even more. They stood along the main alley, waiting for when the priest shall come and consecrate the food. Orthodox believers they say:

Believer: "Today is a great prazdnichek now all Christians consecrated food. To wake up early tomorrow, and lit the food was already on the table. "
Man: "We are ready to celebrate Easter."

Worker parish: "People come quite a lot, but not the huge influx. People come, Father blesses the food and they immediately leave. And in their place new people. Give advice."
Top Orthodox Easter celebrations in the Catholic Church and now begin after sunset.

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