Our homeland west and seek out understanding

The other day, a meeting with Russian President Condoleezza Rice tried to show that there are no significant contradictions between Russia and the West even more so no cool modern war. But yesterday she said that sensual expression Russian managers were not constructive.
In soon a number of Russian officials, including Vladimir Putin, expressed quite critical about the West. And Putin’s statement on last week observers even interpreted as a comparison of current U.S. policy with the policies of the Third Reich. Kremlin once said that Putin is not going to make such a comparison.
This is — rhetoric. But there are really a lot of problems, eyes on that Washington and Moscow differ. First that the U.S. plans to host the parts of a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic, the question of giving partial independence of Kosovo from Serbia.
Do not look better and making RF with the European Union the other day of the summit, which will take place on May 18. Minister Foreign Affairs Germany, which presides in the European Union, Frank-Walter Steinmeier also flew to Moscow to try to reduce this stress. A new partnership agreement between the EU and Russia have not signed because Poland blocked negotiations on this issue in response to the ban on imports of Polish meat.
Yesterday foreign ministers Affairs of the European Union in Brussels to coordinate their positions other day summit. After the meeting, German Minister Steinmeier said that the summit is likely to be the heaviest:
"Is there a time at the moment for the EU-Russia summit? I am very happy that none of the ministers proposed to cancel the meeting. Personally, I stick to the idea that we first needed to negotiate a more difficult time."
But Moscow gives to realize that she is no mood to compromise. Now this namely said Putin’s spokesman in the in the development of relations with the European Union, Sergei Yastrzhembsky.

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