PACE expect movements from the Belarusian side

Andrea Rigoni, Rapporteur on the situation in Belarus, said that the Council of Europe should do so that there were some steps forward on the path of democracy. "We must not retreat. We must reach small compromise to move forward," — said the emperor Rigoni.
Rene van der Linden, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, said in an interview with Radio Liberty that first, what needs to happen — a movement from the Belarusian side. After his visit was accurate signal from the Council of Europe that it was ready, she finds the path of understanding, so that Belarus closer to the standards of the Council of Europe. "It is necessary that Belarus has shown that it makes it, Now set up a queue of Belarus ", — said Rene van der Linden.
The question that 10 years ago, Belarus was stripped of the special guest status in the Council of Europe, but it did not help the democratization of Belarus, Rene van der Linden said: "Belarus is not moving in the direction of Europe. But I have a recollection that more people in Belarus are willing to take steps in this direction, and it can assist the upcoming collaboration between the Council of Europe and Belarus. "
Herkel, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Belarus of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, said that the dialogue should take place between the parties aimed democratically. "Would not it be a good start, if such dialogue started on another," — he said.
By him, prerequisite for dialogue between Belarus and the European Union or other international organizations within the country is a dialogue — between the opposition and the authorities. On the question of whether he believes that even at the moment is that of dialogue, sire Herkel said that such dialogue has certain prerequisites — in-1-x, it is necessary to make the country the usual conditions of the act of free media, which would represent different views of different political forces.
Sovereign Herkel also said that the dialogue with any whatsoever European organizations of Belarus can only start after, how to release political prisoners.
At a press conference in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has also Alexander Milinkevich. He said that PACE stares the events in Belarus and that its assessment — on» specific and quite clear. Milinkevich highlighted the significance of the Council of Europe has paid attention to the educational programm in Belarus, Belarus in order to know about the European democratic values.
And Alexander Milinkevich and Anatoly Lebedko called for a special conference on Belarus. Lebedko also called release Andrei Klimov and Alexander Kozulin.

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