Participants of the rally at the Bernardine monastery released from police

Evening about the Bernardine Monastery in Minsk gathered youth and public figures. They prayed for the return of St. Joseph’s Church believers in Belarus and Belarusian political prisoners, sang the hymn "God Almighty."
Group of young people holding a little letters that make up the motto "Give Temple believers."
On the scene were hundreds of people, including many police and civilian officials. After the action of solidarity fighters SWAT police arrested four of its members: Lena Danin, Alina Koltovich, Andrew Dashkevich and another lady named Mary.
Now *** in Minsk districts Uruchcha, Serebryanka Chizhovka also in different towns of Belarus on the walls of buildings appeared portraits of disappeared and political prisoners.

Day of solidarity with political prisoners and 16th of each month is celebrated in Belarus and abroad from October 2005.

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