Paul Hivuk: The only country in which I would wish to live — Belarus

Karatkevich "Paul, tell us about your company."
Hivuk "Belarusian-European association was founded in 2003 in Belgium, in the town of Antwerp. From the very beginning the PSU I am a member of this organization. Organization this is more engaged in political life, but forgets about the cultural life. Political life — lazhanne pickets, not only on the ground of Belgium, and beyond. Pickets usually devoted to burning events in Belarus. If elections were held this was very mobilized, and not in one of Belgium — I as a member of lilac organized pickets in Paris. With regard to cultural life, it lazhanne parties, meetings … "
"If we were a company and mobilization in Belarus, as in France …"
Karatkevich: "And who helps you to organize — some local youth organizations, all by yourself?"
Hivuk: "In fact, our own. Organizing lilac — people who are more likely way affiliated with — all these deals."
Karatkevich: "Today — International day of solidarity of youth. Does it feel solidarity between young people in France, where you live, between immigrants from different countries — all to somehow autonomously? "
Hivuk: "In France, youth solidarity yavna was last year, when all the institutions simply did not work, because it was full solidarity of all students when they opposed the new law regarding rassredotachivaniya at work. Then was really tangible solidarity — in all the towns where no go, everywhere were students, they were not trained, handing out leaflets to us … If such a company and the mobilization of Belarus, is a force, in fact. "
Karatkevich: "You were born in 1982 near Brest, graduated from college majoring in industrial and civil construction, weaned first semester in Brest palitehnichgnym Institute. Stopped after training. What was the background?"
Hivuk: "Very different. 1st — that big family, and I just did not have the ability to learn. Vo-2 — this is my active political life, and the possibility that I would stay in this institution, despite the fact , shtoya was one of the best students was low. simply because it was decided to take the documents himself. And at the moment I do not regret that I did, still would have found the premise on which I would be expelled from there in disgrace. "
Karatkevich: "You are currently in Lily explore French at the Institute de Gaulle, also running. Facts about his own work."
Hivuk: "I work in the environmental service at City Hall malehankih town near Lille. Employment me different, it changes every day. One of the lessons — it’s presidential election in France. Curiously: here in order to agitate reserved special places where you can post up and stickers and posters and handing out leaflets — unlike us … And graffiti and stickers neadvedenyh places itself there. Sometimes it is necessary to wash, adleplivats. Here’s what we’re passionate about. complete the elections — will another job … In the main it is the environment, to keep order in the town. "
Karatkevich: "A leaflet which candidate had the most distinctive?"
Hivuk: "Jean-Marie Le Pen."
Karatkevich: "And what was the feature?"
Hivuk: "The fact that they were not stuck where you need it, taped all the road signs."
Karatkevich: "But the tone of the speech and urged candidates in different — some anger there, everything is so well was that?"
Hivuk: "Basically, everything was smooth. At Le Pen -" Vote for Le Pen, "in Sarkozy -" Together we are strong. "Royal — emphasis on the fact that if she becomes president, she will be the first in the history of France preydentka … "
Karatkevich: "But for you who is more likable of the candidates which made it to the second round?"
Hivuk: "To give preference to someone, I can not, but I stick to the right thoughts, and means — Sarkozy …"
"All the same, the best country in Belarus no"
Karatkevich: "In what other country would you want to live, Paul?"
Hivuk: "The only country, for sure, what I would wish to live — it’s Belarus. Having lived in Europe, looking at France and Belgium, though the best country in Belarus no. People who they say that, that want to live somewhere, they just did not live outside Belarus. There is a song — "To our dear Belarus adore, you need to visit different lands …"
Karatkevich: "What are your plans in France?"
Hivuk: "At the moment I am doing to continue their studies in the specialty builder. Apply for a scholarship, it will be far away from Lille — will do if …"
Karatkevich: "You state the Belarusian language and for this drive to Antwerp. Anyone interested in the Belarusian language?"
Hivuk: "Children’s school organized us at the church. People who come to worship in the church, left their own kids to me, and during the service, we are passionate with children in Sunday school. It runs exclusively on Sunday, I specifically for this ride in Antwerp — two o’clock train there, two back. We present there Belarusian language — it’s kids Belarusians living in Antwerp … "
"Kids are the person for which you want to change something always"
Karatkevich: "You probably do not have a teacher education — it’s just any discussion, either you have developed your own custom plan? "
Hivuk: "The start is with what looked to me, uttered:" Pasha, we we see, that you could engage with the children … "I hesitated at first, later say — try … kids liked it, but because kids such persons for which it is necessary to always change something, invent something new, because if always the same thing, they will not be interesting — they are doing during the week at school. Because I’m always looking for some books, book of Belarus, and some books worthy of attention, verses teach them … Always invent something new, that intrigue them.
More difficult that kids of all ages in our school, because still need to find for each approach. And I pedagogical helps Bel’skaya Lena, coming from Brussels … 5 people have kids who come constantly, and so we have up to 10 people … "
Karatkevich: "You talk about the books, textbooks — and read modern literature — himself?"
Hivuk: "When the church has a library, which I also do, it grows with every funny day, is not enough space … The last thing I read — Bykov, Natalia Arsenyev, Larissa Heniyush. At the moment I got on the white transferRussian language Dostoevsky read it. Poems Danuta Bichel, Karatkevich — I advise people that I myself read. Have something to read, and very curious. "
Karatkevich: "What’s with the Belarusian music are you listening?"
Hivuk: "All that is in the Belarusian language. We can not say that something like more than anything … Under every mood has its own music."
"I believe that Belarusians still eventually usvoyut they Belarusians and not younger brothers Russian"
Karatkevich: "Are you interested in historical literature — on Belarusian history, European?"
Hivuk: "Across. School I enjoyed reading Boleslaw Prus, Marisa Dryuon … for some reason I always lured the Middle Ages. In time I’m still fascinated Hemingway, Remarque Markesam. With Nobel Laureate I surely read all of what we recommend in college. "
Karatkevich: "April 26 — the anniversary of the disaster charnnobylskay. In what context they say in France about Chernobyl, and remember to Belarus?"
Hivuk:-In contrast to Belgium, in France people are more experienced that before Chernobyl. Because when they are reminded of Chernobyl, everyone knows what it is. Dr. Bandazheuski lectured not so long ago in Paris on Chernobyl. People know and sympathize, although not particularly help provide … "
aratkevich: "What do you believe?"
Hivuk: "Believe in what Belarusians still eventually usvoyut they Belarusians and not younger brothers Russian. And if it comes to their minds, then can be build the country. "

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