Pediatrician V.Smolnikava: Fertility decreases mortality grows

She analyzed the sad demographics in the affected area:
"In the years 1978-1979 in our area was born about 800-900 kids. Throughout 2005 339 babies were born. In 2006 — three 30 3-I am one of them only every third well. In the second group — kids who are born with prepyadstviya. Of 61%. And there were born unhealthy — 16, or 4.8%. Some of these children have already died.
If it comes to that we Tipo baby boom, then it irritates me. Reserves to give birth to a lot of kids in this country is not enough. 20% primeval families — sterile.

Huge prepyadstviya those who are born of immigrants. This group Gosregister. Tragic statistics. Healthy kids and adults do not.
Unfortunately, in our small area (I can not talk about the entire government) in-Chernobyl era we had a population growth 3.8, approximately 1989 began eerie effect so we can say. Fertility decreases sharply, while the death rate rapidly increases.
See: in This year fertility 9 kids per a thousand of the population, and the mortality rate — 20 per a thousand. There is no growth. "

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