Pentecostals indignant article in the Security of family betrayal

Article "Treason product conforms to save the marriage" was placed on the pages of the newspaper "Russian Belarus" January 24 this year. In an article in the section "Our psychologist" stating, that cheating suzhenstvu promotes and helps to make relationship between husband and wife who have lost "sharpness past emotions."
"Public appeal — it is our reaction and resentment on the content of this article — says Anatoly Ljashko, pastor of" Grace "Union of Pentecostal Churches Stolin. — This is such an abomination and neprystoynasts happening. Why this newspaper nobody thinks about how to spoil such articles our youth? Our role as the church to respond to such things and read the truth. "
In the church, where the pastor is Anatoly Ljashko open proclamation signed by 70 parishioners. The same letters with signatures in Presidential administration and the newspaper "Russian Belarus" sent Pentecostal Church Stolin district, which only has about 20.

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