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August 28 State Department spokesman Robert Wood said that "the United States are considering lifting sanctions against Belarus if Minsk take steps towards political reform."
At the same time, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State David Merkel, who for several days previously visited Minsk, said that the decision to impose sanctions would be taken on the results of the parliamentary elections in September.
But, as we see, did not expect any of the election results, nor "steps towards political reforms." No, in a sense, is not expected to be canceled or sanctions "Belneftekhim" concern or visa sanctions against Belarusian government officials and a number of officials.
Abolished only the "freshest", the latest sanctions against Lida "Lakokraska" and Polotsk "Fiberglass" introduced in May this year, on the basis of diplomatic war.

Abolished only the "freshest", the latest sanctions against Lida "Lakokraska" and Polotsk "Fiberglass" introduced in May this year, following diplomatic war

But why at the moment, not even waiting for the election results? Since there are many other reasons, not one election, as statedsmiling, happiness. Looks coincidental that South American decision was announced today, a day when in Moscow at a meeting of representatives of the Belarusian CSTO did everything likely to limit the warmest words in the address of the Russian Federation and Georgia curses in the address, to avoid really tough and virtually irreversible decision, which stubbornly reaches Moscow — legal recognition of the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.
Speaking entirely too rough geapalityka pushes other prepyadstviya in including and objectives Human Rights, on the second plan. Besides, Alexander Lukashenko, as experienced players, a few days back the clock showed that he has other abilities (whether they are on Actually — another question), saying that the West somehow not in a hurry to respond to those sincere steps that have already made the official Minsk. Message received, read, please react.
But why such an answer specifically why not canceled broader and painful sanctions? Well, as the ocean can also play politics. On the steps of Minsk and his concern, like partner is not fooled, denoted movement towards — the United States show that their promises to lift sanctions — not only rhetoric and promises: one denounced sanctions means in principle can cancel and others. Dosed move faster even sign than a real step forward, but a symbol nyadvusensovny.

As in years "cool war", in this game the player — U.S., their responsibility — the main

It is curious that such a real character and not just a promise, first served particularly Americans, are usually defined by tougher than the Europeans, the attitude to the official Minsk. Well, the most common explanation is that they were introduced more and sanctions, it is possible varyyavats reaction do such small symbolic steps.
But maybe it’s not only this, but in the geapalitytsy. As in years "cool war", in this game the player — the United States, their liability — basic. Because they are the first and took a step, the first to give a piece of carrot official Minsk, indicating in-1’s that cake — it is not a myth and an empty promise, and in-2 that will cost huge sweets next steps Minsk.

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