Poland expressed solidarity with Estonia

According to the Office of the Polish president, Lech Kaczynski, in a telephone conversation with President Toomas Hendrik Ilves said he supported the Estonian authorities regarding the events surrounding the monument to Russian soldiers Tallinn.
In turn, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, the Polish parliament deputies believe that this case Estonia should intercede for the European Union.
Kalish: "The Case of Estonia — this case the entire EU, and the EU must show solidarity with Estonia, "- says one of the favorites of the Union of the Democratic Left Ryszard Kalisz.
But the liberal worldview deputy mufti Adam Sheynfelda platform.
Sheynfeld: "Any country, in including and Estonia, must have the sovereign right to independently decide what to read the signs, and what — no. "
Meanwhile, the public organization Katyn Committee stated that "it is time to remove from the streets of Russian monuments and Polish cities, because they are signs of the Russian occupation, and captive Russian chauvinism." "It’s a shame that about two thousand of these sites are for Polish taxpayers money," — said Committee in a statement.
In a similar tone and favored union veteran and organizations-independent Poland, and the Federation of Katyn victims’ families said that such measures "could exacerbate so bad Polish-Russian relations."
As for position of the authorities in this case, the Ministry of Culture of Poland prepared a special law "On local state memory", which will allow local authorities simplify the process of elimination "monuments of the communist dictatorship," which, according to the Minister of Culture Misha Uyazdovskaga are "alien to Polish tradition."

First monument that appeared in the post-war Warsaw — "Brotherhood in Arms Monument Russian and Polish fighter."

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