Police forbade white-red-white flags on Orsha Festival

The festival is usually held on the historic site of the Battle of Orsha, which was accomplished in 1514 and ended in victory over the Russian troops ON troops.
The first time the festival was held 17 years ago, and addition time performed 15 times: it was a couple of years in its history, when it was discontinued due to adverse weather or other reasons.
But Last year the first time in all these years of artistic activities tried to ban: the other day at the venue of the festival police cordon was placed, and police all explained that the field where usually a festival, found the mines and shells. However, special equipment for clearance or military professionals guests do not have seen, but they had to meet with enhanced enforcement powers watchmen. Police officers in an emergency procedure taken to Orsha District of 3 nearby areas, people were ordered to pack guitars unfold and put off home.
Despite the sample disrupt events, it all the same place. However, elsewhere, though far away from the ordinary, and with the least amount of listeners and speakers — because some police detained activists, and some had leave.
To "Orsha battle" in different years were virtually all known Belarusian creators: Andrei Melnikov, Victor Shalkevich Ales Kamotskii Dmitry Sydorovych group and "Camelot", Lera Catfish Dmitry Bartosik, Andrew Khadanovich Lana Medic, Tatiana Borisik group "Fragrance of the universe," Anatoly Kudlasevich and many, many others.

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