Polish judges do not trust Belarusian

According to the views of judges Mariusz Venzka, "In today’s environment issue Belarus Maxim Ramenchyk inadmissible under the law." The Tribunal did not figure out povinet Ramenchyk not that he throws the Belarusian Prosecutor’s Office, because, as the emperor said Venzak, at issue was whether Ramenchyk expect a fair trial in Belarus. "
"There is a severe reason to believe that there is no" — said the referee.
Belarusian prosecutors accused Maxim Ramenchyk robbery and theft committed by the fall of 1998. Request for his extradition, but appeared only in Last year, after, as Maxim 9 years lived in Poland, graduated from Wroclaw Institute.
"Maxim since 1998 many times was in Belarus, and for some reason he was not arrested, and later, when he began to intensively participate in Belarusian aragnizatsyi shares joined several probelorusskih aragnizatsyyav, his" crime "immediately remembered" — says Wojciech Suri, Patron Maxim affair.
By public organizations "Now Belarus", which circulated in the sovereign Ramenchyk particular statement of all charges Belarusian investigative bodies in the address it — fake.
Noteworthy that during the trial Maxim’s mother Valentine Ramenchyk asking is what she says in the courtroom, known in Belarus as well as before the tribunal she had been forced to sign a paper saying that the tribunal to offspring she would not go.
Maxim Ramenchyk himself, who was released immediately after the verdict, said that "to the end believed in the fact that the Polish authorities will not give him the Belarusian Prosecutor’s Office."

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