Polish Radio — the reconstruction of Grodno

There were different views. For example, figure unrecognized Belarusian authorities Union of Poles Jozef Porzecki believes that the acts of the authorities targeted against the Polish minority as Grodno preserved the spirit of Poland and recalls the history of the Commonwealth.
Also reported that the Belarusian opposition favorite Alexander Milinkevich addressed to the chairman of the Grodno City Executive Committee Alexander Antonenko calling for complete renovation.
• In Grodno until no more destroy, 15.05.2007 • Grodno institute require teachers to complete destruction, 14.05.2007 • Ales Krawcewicz: "Blotting out among the unique town of Belarus", 10.05.2007 • Patrons an old Grodno offer local referendum, 03.05.2007

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