Political conflict in Ukraine: the parties are willing to compromise

Yushchenko: I padparadkuyusya though any decision of the Constitutional Court
At a press conference in Kiev, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said that he would abide by any decision even though the Constitutional Court, which on April 17 deputies will consider the request on the legality of his decree dissolving the Verkhovna Rada and the purpose of premature parliamentary elections on May 27.
Yet, in his opinion, the elections are the only way to resolve the political crisis.
"The dissolution of Parliament for me is not an end in itself. This is still the only method to return the political life of Ukraine’s legal framework, the only method."
"There are many things that need to deliver within a reasonable calendar"
Coupled with the fact Yushchenko did not rule out the sovereign ability to adjust the campaign calendar:
"I know both, that some aspects of the formation davybarchaga process, including the formation of committees, party lists, holding congresses, printing propaganda materials — there are many things that need to deliver within a reasonable calendar. But this direct attention, If applicable law does not give the answer? Need to find a compromise. "
Yanukovych: "Elections are likely"
Rival Viktor Yushchenko, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych now in communion with his Lithuanian Gediminas Kirkilas employee admitted that early elections are likely in the case of the Constitutional Tribunal to support the presidential decree or as a result of political agreements.
"Elections are likely, if they agree on a political level, all participants in the political process. What are these conditions will, for which they agree — time will tell."
While consultations are parties in the streets of Kiev last multi-million adherents demonstrate both Viktors — Yushchenko and Yanukovych. Meanwhile Ukrainians trust their government fell significantly. According to the latest Gallup polls, only 15 percent of Ukrainians trust their own management, while not trust — 69 percent.

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