Political Council supported a regional conference

Political Council supported the regional meetings of the opposition. She suggested that the solution of a mini-conference will be of mandatory and central structures favorites.
This and other abstracts will be included in the new document — the "Agreement of national socio-political actors on the preparation and conduct of the Congress Democratic Forces. "Project now under consideration, and it will be fixed everything agreed favorite in Vilnius.
Political Council member Victor Kornienko notes that more sharp debate revolved around a day or agenda of regional meetings. Consolidated position of the regions, which he laid out the participants of this meeting, it looks like this:
"Since the beginning of the problematic issues: do democratic forces favorite how choose Political Council Presidium and stuff? This is what is debatable. And it needs to be addressed by Congress.
Congress — is not only a demo opposition rally. Say, we got together and showed the world that we exist. Congress should not become a form of existence of the opposition.
If there are difficulties, they must be addressed. And one of the the most basic problems — if needed favorite. And practically our opponents offer to return to the state in 2001, when, after presidential elections we did not have a favorite. And again started from scratch. Regions do not agree. "

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