Political crisis worsened vkladyvatelnuyu attractiveness of Ukraine

The crisis in Ukraine is an example of problems faced by the parliamentary system, when MPs change their political orientation. In countries with democratic traditions davneshnimi have special mechanisms for the settlement of similar situations.
Talking about a situation where some deputies from the opposition scamper in the ruling coalition. There are different approaches, but so called old democracy, allowing parliamentarians to change the political orientation, and have stronger mechanisms for crisis prevention. In the U.S. Congress, for example, act so called "Whips" — so called people whose work in the party is almost getting elected deputies to maintain the position of their own party. Recently the vote, they shall inform the favorites about how many deputies are priklnnymi much — no more favorite acts accordingly situation. So makarom prevented the crisis.
South American economic publication "The Wall Street Journal" says now that the political crisis in Ukraine threatens to cease investment and healing process of the Ukrainian economy, which began in Last year. Ukraine with a population of 48 million people plays an important role in regional stability and trade energoelementami through its countryside passes 80 percent of Russian gas exports.
After the decree of President Viktor Yushchenko to dissolve parliament were adjourned several vkladyvatelnyh projects, including their credit 300 millions of dollars, Ukrainian steel road which intended to take the bank Barclays Capital, the project of reconstruction of main roads of the country, the contract for 189 millions of dollars now Hutchinson Whampoa Ltd. for the port terminal kanteynernaga.
Favourite Mark (Marc Champion) of The Wall Street Journal with notes that although pro-Russian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych "did enormous economic configurations, it would be desirable to foreign investors, but greater stability under his rule revived investment. According to The Wall Street Journal," difficult to understand, how to manage new elections likely to do better vkladyvatelny climate in Ukraine "and" a possible result of the new election will be a new government headed by Yanukovych and likely, forthcoming struggle. "

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