Political football in Minsk

At first meeting was planned in Moscow, but with the political tensions between countries with 2 Commission emergencies UEFA decided to hold the match on a neutral field. After another 5 days, 10 September, held in Minsk game between the youth teams of Georgia and Poland — to fly to Tbilisi Poles refused.
Match between the youth teams of Russia and Georgia will be held at the stadium "Tractor" in 16 hours. Tickets are not sold, it is expected that the entrance to the audience will be free.
Yesterday, the team flew to Minsk. Russians lived in a 4-star hotel "Minsk", Georgians — Hotel "Belarus".

Formerly chairman of the Belarusian Football Association Gennady Nyavyhlas said Belarus will not receive any dividends from the "mediation" because makes it UEFA and the request in accordance with the tradition of "fair play" — a fair and honest game. All organizational costs of rights "enforced owners" should take the Russian side.
More August 27 Georgian Football Federation appealed to UEFA to postpone qualifying match of the European Championship 2009 on neutral terrain. Such a step was explained by Russian anger against Georgia. Georgian sports bureaucrats have also said that if the European Football Association will not satisfy their request, the youth team in Russia will not come easy.
In Moscow such step immediately dubbed "demarche", but suggested UEFA Belarusian variant eventually all arranged.

I know that many young activists of the democratic movement are going to go there to support the youth team in Georgia

Compared to the Russian-Georgian conflict match between teams these states perceived not only as a sporting event. For example, on the Russian Internet resources in the last days there were calls for football fans arrive in Minsk on September 5 to support this "very fundamentally confrontation." It’s not only political passions — in the first match on November 20 last year Georgians in Tbilisi own beat Russian peers 2-0.
The intention of the Georgian football fans to parachute in Belarus can not understand it, but the flags of their countries in the stands all the same will. Activists of Belarusian democratic youth organizations want to maintain during a meeting of the Georgian players. This provides one of the favorites of "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich:

"Of course, that enthusiasm for the match will be this far. I know that many young activists of the democratic movement are going to go there to support the youth team in Georgia. Many organize their own friends and acquaintances, to go to support Georgia."
Reporter: "And as for symbolism — its probably just not? "
"I think the difficulty with symbols will be exactly. Where gain the Georgian Standard — I do not know, maybe draw, because in principle it is not very difficult. But of course, that a certain excitement around the meeting tomorrow, we must follow."
Representatives of the Metropolitan Police promise to provide order and security at the stadium "Tractor" during the match.

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