Politicians and human rights activists demand to reconsider the case Kozulin

Until 18 May Supreme Tribunal see the extraordinary appeal against the sentence, which 2006 policies issued Capital District Tribunal of Minsk, and later confirmed by the Minsk city court martial.
Alyaksandr Kozulin was sentenced to five and a half years imprisonment accused of organizing riots and hooliganism.
Members of the Public Commission analyzed the case of Aleksandr Kozulin and argue that it is "absolutely fabricated." In addition, the Commission notes that during the investigation process and violated the rights of the former presidential candidate, who already hold more than one year behind bars.
Public Commission requests to prosecute those guilty in the "illegal detention and retention Alexander Kozulin."
Public Commission "Freedom to Kazulin and other political prisoners" appeared in June 2006. It consists of well-known politicians and human rights activists Alexei Lord, Goncharik, Lyudmila Hraznova, Fedynich Igor Rinkevich and others.

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