Poll: Belarusians or watching political developments in Ukraine?

Reporter: "Do you follow the events in Ukraine? Either they disturb you? "
Lady: "I look, but, of course, has other memories. Not what they were after the Orange Revolution, unfortunately. "
Man: "I flegmantichno this attitude. I’m more interested in what what’s happening we have. "
Guy: "And I’m curious. I generally interested in politics. I think, this new round of pressure from the West. It seems to me, is committed mayhem. Lacks a strong government. "
Woman: "Of course, disturbing. But not so very much".
Man: "I looked, but not so very carefully. Partially look. And what cares? .. I think this case Ukrainian people and their government. I just care less what they are going to join NATO or the EU. "
Lady: "To be honest, I’m worried the situation in our country more than in Ukraine. "
Man: "Watch and disturbing situation."
"Yes committed mayhem, as usual. Thank God that we have such close and will not leave. "
Woman: "look, but not very closely. From time to time, when we see the announcements."
Man: "Of course, very concerned, as this neighboring country."
Lady: "All we are Slavs because trevozhut action. But no time carefully monitor their situation."
Man: "In Ukraine? Well, if something is going to read on the Web, you’ll know. But soon heard nothing is happening there. "
Guy: "I am completely not interested. I am far from politics."
Man: "No, do not look, not a bit. I am interested in learning the computer."
Man: "The fact that Ukraine does not seem interested."
Lady: "Ukraine certainly interested."
Woman: "I believe it is — a complete mess. Yushchenko did not had no right to Rada to dismiss. "
Man: "I believe there political crisis. This, of course. In Ukraine, there is a huge amount of problems. "
Lady: "No, I do not watch the developments in the adjoining Ukraine, as it is not interesting to me. Was curious to 2004, and at the moment I do not admire it. Just not interested. "

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