Poll: How do you feel about the construction of nuclear power plant in Belarus?

Woman: "I’m this topic not thinking. But experience other states gives me a clue that it’s pretty harmless if you take it seriously. "
Lady: "I am against. It’s not safe. Children, grandchildren and all … Chernobyl experience we so scared that it is better not need. "
Man: "Positive, because I think that will be cheaper than electricity."
Reporter: "And security?"
Man: "I think the president we have an intelligent man. Hemakes all, so it was not dangerous. "
Man: "In principle, normal. This will help us zabyaspechytstsa resources. I think that the station will be built in accordance with international standards. Chernobyl plant taught us a lot — because I think that everything will be fine. "
Lady: "With one side, it’s good — the main thing that was dangerous. Since the catastrophic experience we already have. "
Old man: "I think as long as it is necessary to refrain from doing so. We are also already trained one, a fact."
Reporter: "How do you feel about the construction of a nuclear power plant in Belarus?"
Man: "I think that has long been was necessary build. This is the future. "
Lady: "Negative. I think we need a modern technique to build it. "
Lady: "The experience of Chernobyl gave us almost everything. Because — negatively. "
Man: "There are both positive and negative features. Certainly, it is better to build. Additional source of energy. Perspective and there are jobs."
Lady "I think, it’s good. We must grow and in all advanced countries have their own station. At the moment, there are technologies that, I think, will not repeat the mistakes of Chernobyl. "
Lady: "Of course, negative. I want to live in a healthy environment. And suddenly explode like Chernobyl, and what will that will do my children? "
Lady: "I like a man progressive understand that nuclear energy for peaceful purposes — excellent. But we are so pretty and have different shit. "

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