Poll in Grodno: You know, I myself am afraid to deploy newspaper

Youth"There is need to change the government, the answer is no easier. But now nothing can be done, you should expect next presidential elections, and then do something . "
Young Man: "It is necessary, that are independent newspapers were readily available at kiosks, along with national publications, so could their purchase and write freely. In short, so people could choose what he read. "
Man: "Freedom of the press? And you think you have it enough? There are things that you are covered, which does not cover the costs."
Man: "It is necessary that the country was a real pluralism and a multiparty system. When the funds are controlled by, roughly speaking, one person, then all the media dance to his tune, that’s all."
His friend: "I agree: It’s all in our power. If it is in the hands 1 person, and only his worldview is correct and the other views are not allowed, you need to change the government. "
Young mother: "You just need to change the president. With this president can not be freedom of speech, I think so, especially in the press."
Young Man: "All have equal rights, but all as statedcamping, is dependent on our president. "
Man: "You have to make at least approximately equal conditions for the official press and free, or to be independent, both you prefer. If the conditions are for their more or less similar, then let that develops press that wins in such criteria. Free press we have now in fact. Unfortunately, since even for this government needs the opposition — regular, healthy, it at the moment, that’s not the press — such policies, what can you do. "
Man: "It is necessary, for sure, to respect the Constitution. But you know, we have it broken, and the president Lukashenko violating. Usual in modern European state is not must such mayhem. You see, I myself am afraid to deploy newspapers, no desire to read and know nothing. Everywhere fear, that did not come, do not cut off the head. And all the scares, "sichas pazvalnyayu, shoot the head." What more can you read? "

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