Polotsk: gathered on the square about 100 businessmen

According to a local activist Valery Shevchenko, unauthorized action businessmen began with warnings of administrative responsibility.
"We have already met! Managing ideological department Alexander Loginov, which is currently acting Deputy Chairman Executive Committee, was very against what we gathered. He called the police. But later he said, and that seems to be the public policy we do not break, "- said the emperor Shevchenko.
Together with another 3- protesters Valery Shevchenko was invited to the office of the head of the department of commerce Polotsk City Executive Committee Ira sound. She got signed businessmen appeal to local authorities, which says that in today’s business dilemmas do not blame themselves, and unfavorable municipal financial policy. A copy of this appeal sent in Novopolotsk City Council.
By Valery Shevchenko views, entrepreneurs are well aware that local authorities unable to solve the problem of business made at the highest municipal level. But local authorities should inform the higher structure imperative that entrepreneurs Polotsk and Novopolotsk dissatisfied with their existence to require configurations and in legislation, including and respect the decree number 760, which prohibits businessmen to hire non-relatives.
In his appeal of small businesses also require the prosecution to finish favorites entrepreneurial movement, convicted for his role in the past protests in Minsk.
February 18 entrepreneurs from Polotsk and Novopolotsk also involve travel to Minsk to join the next action and to fight for the configuration in the presidential decree number 760, and the adoption of the law on small business.

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