Polotsk Swedes vyartayuyutsa the capital Krivichy

In Sweden, now grows interest in Belarus and to the old Polotsk viz. And this is connected with a thousand years of history relations between Sveyskim shore and Paltseskyuborgam — so-called Old Norse sagas Krivichy capital.
Opened an exhibition of Polotsk City Executive Committee Vladimir Whetstone. He, namely, facts about his own trip to Sweden, saying that was the place where konung Ringwald — first Prince of Polotsk Rogvolod — went with his own brigade in the country Krivichians. Words in the answer was recognizable Swedish artist Mikael Shylman.
(Shylman :) "As for me as an artist, I come here not for navyazannya political contacts and to develop cultural ties and to become familiar with the life in your country. "
In soon in Swedish and Belarusian printing write a lot about restoring the famous route from the Vikings to the Greeks through the Dvina and Dnepr — on This time in the tourist version. We asked the emperor Shylmana — what prospects the organization has international tourist route.
(Shylman :) "The development of this tourism — a very complicated matter. As for Sweden, I can tell a lot about how we develop tourism, with what can be begin such work. Belarusians, apparently, need to think how reprezentovat their country, to attract tourists. But this, again, is a tricky business. "
The exhibition was actually all the local cultural elite. Artists have been curious to find out what art patronage in Sweden specifically lord Carl XVI Gustaf, and that a large part of the exhibited works here belongs Imperial collection schedules. Lewkowicz painter Misha commented on this further as follows:
(Lewkowicz :) "What we are now here we see, of course, not everyone learns. Since painters in the search, using modern approaches to the interpretation of the composition to the subject. But do not forget that we live in a new 21-m century, respectively, must be new revelations. Hunting wish that our rulers are also interested in art, collecting this kind of collection. "

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