Prague accent: why the authorities are so worried?

"Stripping" — at the moment or forever?
Drakakhrust: "The other day, days of celebration for Freedom nationwide rode a wave of intimidation and preventive arrests — refers to the framework of the 10 people. What is the meaning of this latest strategy authorities: this scenario ad hoc, to prevent mass rally on March 25, or it’s brand new business strategy to the opposition (as in Last year Lukashenko said, "after the election, the former opposition will not")? Love Lunev, what do you think? "

Love Lunev: "The authorities must now find new approaches, since such a policy can not be justified."

Lunev: "I believe that it’s just a process that has not braked. They started it mattersout in the past year when they were also recently preventive detention election. Segodnyaschy situation resembles very one that was last year — are preventive detentions, searches are indicative when invited all the neighbors, under the» go» under paddy to Congress, so that even people beheld of the adjacent houses.
But I think authorities now have to find new approaches, since such a policy is not justified. The other day, March 25 was delayed many activists, and people still took to the streets. Maybe power to illumine still change strategy, maybe it will not preventive arrests and searches, and not dismissal, but something else. It may be new criminal cases, but it seems that this strategy has exhausted itself. "
Drakakhrust: "Andrei Dynko how would you respond to this question: Wave of intimidation and preventive arrests recently on March 25 — is an attempt to prevent the mass for the day will or is that reality in which to live and beyond? "

Dynko: "If the authorities did nothing until March 25, then went to 20 thousand people."

Dynko: "The authorities’ strategy — not destroy the opposition and demoralize her, isolated from society. The liquidation of the opposition sees them unsafe, it could provoke any inappropriate responses, acts of desperation, what they really fear — it is not profitable to them. They want to drive the opposition in a typical ghetto, where she is still some time simulates the activity.
If authorities do nothing until March 25, then went to 20 thousand people. And it would give the opposition inspiration allowed to declare themselves for extensive. Since the government does not think in terms of a day or the 1st or the 1st year, she wants to make a flawless dictatorship that would have lasted as long as it would be willing to driver group. "
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