: Preparation of the Belarusian car can pass Chinese

According to the organizers "Motorshow" segodnyaschy exhibition is not significantly different from European counterparts and can fully pronounceable with the prefix "super". 35 car brands will reflect all the available palette and elite ton, depending on the tastes and pockets of Belarusian consumers.
Will be on "Motorshow" and exhibits that claim the status of the Belarusian car. This is the familiar reports of Iranian automotive car "Samand" (translated from Farsi "Racehorse" creation began near Minsk in the past year) and the whole Chinese smallish cars, which are also not averse to put roots in Belarus. However, geographical origin and low quality do not give ground spices for huge optimism. As the Association Managing drivers and vehicle owners Oleg Markevich, Belarus officials hands transformed into real cars "dump":

"European Belarus dump out of …"

"European dump comes from Belarus. Replaced in order to collect the very popular" Ford Focus "as it mattersetsya under Peter, or, for example, other new models, we select some reason all that is obsolete. I generally so said would be: we slip "naphthalene" product. This is as it should not respect people own country, Belarusians! We Europeans, we are used to the most modern equipment, machinery, etc. Because I have all this, frankly, strikes, if not more. "
With Chinese auto range Oleg Markevich partially visually familiar, but the Iranian product "felt" at last year’s "Minsk avtasalene":
"I will surely visit such exhibitions. Specially went on their shield, asked managers vyznat all aspects, because have information (even wrote an article on this subject, but neither the media did not take it.) Before starting to do something, you need to very a thorough study of what it did for the model? After all, if in 1997 in Belarus have started to assemble "Ford Escort" in the rest of Europe in 1998, it has removed from production. "

"The intentions are not true!"

Recently the first Deputy Minister of Industry Ivan Demidovich also criticized the Belarusian-Iranian project: that the intentions stated in the beginning, did not correspond to reality. While implementers want, how to make a car "economical" navyazavshy his TAKSOPARK, police, the collector etc niche occupied Romanian "Dacia" — against the background of 13 thousand dollars for "Skakun" Romanian cars in the same class for more than seven thousand turned cute.
The government is now considering options to compensate for the failure of the project. In accordance with the request of the Prime Minister of Belarus, the Council of Ministers has recently perceive katigorichnye measures. As said Demidovich, Belarus, with advances in engineering languid, should eventually make a profitable establishment of cars. One of the partners is considered China, which more and more confident to many international markets.

"The Iranian car was dammed project from the beginning …"

And if on sumnevnasts Iranian project had read a lot more in the planning stage, the story of the coming of the Chinese probable, according to the control of the analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika, type of cooperation could have fruit. But — subject to finding a buyer address:
"The Iranian car was dammed project from the outset, spices not believe it — an ancient model, and a competitive market in Belarus up to 120 thousand cars sold every year, of them only 5 thousand production of CIS states. Others — German, French, South American . Issues with new cars on such a market — a complicated matter. As for China. Chinese intensively produce SUVs. And if on this basis Belarusians started making SUVs on the newest formula — huge machines that would be used in agriculture and farmers — in case why would it not really be done? . "

According to the study of China Consumers Association, 77% of Chinese-made cars deteriorate during the first six months of operation. For last year fault number increased by 21%, and currently 100 new cars account for more than 300 defects. In the desire to further reduce the price of the car manufacturers started to get a cheap and, accordingly, the bad parts.

In pictures: on the status of the Belarusian car while two contenders: Tipo "luxury" Iranian "Samand" and "zlizanyya" in Japanese, Chinese SUVs

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