Presentation Square in Vilnius

Presentation of the book "Area" was go to every Belarusian town. It has the right to In fact, to go in every European capital, also in America, because of size and wrote very many everywhere.
Why second after Minsk presentation takes place in Vilnius? Remember how the name of this size — the title of "Area Kalinowski" appeared already on the second day.
April 16 — Solidarity day, which is celebrated in Belarus and in the morning we book editor Sergey Dubovcy with artist Gennady Matsuura, one of the heroes of the book writer Vladimir Orlov were on Castle Hill, the tower of Gediminas, where he is buried Kastus Kalinowski. And here, at the grave Kalinowski I found a small stone and brought it with him on this presentation …
The very event was held in the estate of a new institution, that has title "Human Rights House." Came acquainted with the book, students Euro Humanities Institute, the inhabitants of Vilnius, guests and friends of the Belarusian case, living in Vilnius and arrivals from other cities. Was and Lithuanian TV.
Presentations were made by the creators of the book. Edited by Sergey Dubovets — not only editor, and man who was at the Plaza and sensual miss those actions through itself:
"Certainly, it was true. Besides, it’s my job profiles — editing, obviously, I felt what’s happening a huge event to be go down in history and perhaps hard to come up with some other form than give chronology alive give voice to the expressions of what is called, "carts with" Belarusian thinkers, poets and musicians. All of this was included in this book. "
Writer Vladimir Orlov was a pioneer renaming Independence Square Area Kalinowski
Veteran youth movement 80s Sergei Vitushko — One of the most thoughtful and critical listeners
Book editor Sergey Dubovets read the presentation live on Radio Liberty

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