President of Ukraine did well, I wish to thank him that dissolved the parliament, the parliament there were all Russians

Anastas Semenovich: "Comrades lukashisty you again decided to try our hero Belarus Andrei Klimov, because he offended Lukashenko. Notes I read this and I do not see nothing wrong. No offense there. Question for you, lukashisty. How long you will scoff at a very decent, honorable sovereign Klimov? There will come a time when you have to respond by winning the people’s tribunal. Either you think Our homeland that will be buried? What do you respond to your children and grandchildren, if your last name will be published in all the newspapers? Long live Belarus! "
Vladimir, Polotsk: "That was the year after the presidential election. Either this last period of Alexander Lukashenko? I highly doubt it. At the end of this period, he is unlikely to leave voluntarily. To stay in power, he is still that nibudt-invent. Certainly more Russian habit he considers himself an indispensable and unique. Well, what it is not general secretary of the CPSU? They thought themselves as such. "
Lady: "I wish to say a few words about Yushchenko. President of Ukraine did excellent, well done. I wish to thank him that dissolved the parliament. Yanukovych, I read once, Russian. And there were all the Russian parliament. And well, he dismissed it. Whenever he disbanded, was that democratic Ukraine will not for all this Parliament. It is very perfectly. And I would like to ask. Here are a couple of times, Yulia Tymoshenko was prime minister, and it should come back. Well, apparently the same as homo sapiens, he wants bring Ukraine to clean water, so that was a democratic Ukraine. Her need to return reverse. "
Victor, Minsk: "Striking the opposition. Are these oppositionists their ideas, eyes, etc.? Already Lukashenko — nationalist. So give him the Cross of the Hero! Only make the enemy move to the opposition, and have a friend for life. Shushkevich supported, then mushrooms, Lukashenko later Zakharenko etc.. And they all worked in the Communist Party, in leadership positions, when the Bolsheviks were in power. And the Bolsheviks using the secret police and the KGB very thoroughly inspected, picked up shots. Random people in their shots was not. If you, the opposition, prepare his shift and old will retire at the stove? You are already 50 thousand in the 90th year already collect 500 or even 100 people. Draw conclusions, the elderly! "
Nina Armalinskaya Soligorsk: "The House of Representatives increased wages. And for what? For that obediently do all decrees Lukashenko? Miner who always operates under, and then does not get such huge funds. And who raise wages honey, workers, collective farmers, pension to pensioners? "
Lady: "Hi, pochetaemaya" Freedom. " After that spitay youth we litsezreem Minsk streets, listen to the voices of the Young in your air is like balm to heart. They chose this path on their own heart’s call. They say quite frankly. On their own native language. I’m proud of these guys. In this time, when the authorities do not allow Belarusians to breathe freely, this indicates youth Worldwide, Belarus live, there are people who love their country and their own language, which does not scare any dark pack, no bars. Hold on, our family! We are always with you. Long live Belarus! "
Lady: "The smallness of the situation in Ukraine is insignificant. Yanukovych — is stubborn and alternate conductor Russian imperial policy in Ukraine. With so Russians can not sit still? With so stubbornly intervene in the fate of adjacent states? Meddle not the word. And not only in Ukraine. What RF does not have enough problems? Who rode on her tremendous expanse, who was in her towns and villages, knows that problems oh, how many and difficult to resolve. Apparently, Imperial acquired centuries, Russian patient privilege — a phenomenon languid and retreats. Even Central Russian television broadcasters can not completely hide the satisfaction or, rather, the irony when reporting the confrontation in Ukraine. Maybe such Yanukovych is ready and in Belarus. "

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