Prime Minister of Belgium: free until Belarus, Europe — not democracy Mainland

Guy Verhofstadt met in Warsaw with his Polish Officer Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who open a discussion with more questions regarding the future of the Euro Union.
Head of the Belgian government announced that in the future need to do something like United States Europe, with the general government, the president, the army. European Union, on him, should not stop its expansion and to plead that what’s happening neighbors in today’s united Europe first in Belarus.

Guy Verhofstadt: "While Belarus is not free, the European mainland the mainland can not be called democracy."

Verhofstadt: "The aim of the European Union — to ensure peace, democracy and prosperity on our continent. But we will not achieve this goal, until all European countries will not use these values. I’m talking about the neighbors and also the European Union, primarily about Belarus. As Belarus will be free, can not be called a European mainland mainland democracy. "
Sovereign Verhofstadt presented in Warsaw his last book, dedicated to his eye on the future of a united Europe, written in Polish and, surprise, Belarusian.

Premieres Guy Verhofstadt and Poland Jaroslaw Kaczynski

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