Protestants are willing to change the law on freedom of conscience

Believers need to collect more than 50 thousand signatures in order to appeal to the Constitutional Tribunal. They are willing to change some provisions of the law the law on religion. Namely, those that allow the service without permission from the authorities only in the cemetery, crematoria and places of religious pilgrimage. Also article on which a religious community be registered and have the legal adresok in uninhabited fund.
Recalling the provisions of the law, the courts for 2 years eliminated several Protestant communities in Minsk and in the regions, including and those pastors whom are Ernest Sabila Leonid Lipen Zhora Viazovsky.
In Last year Protestant believers Minsk community "New Life" held a hunger strike in protest against the symbol of the authorities. City bureaucrats initially denied them wore earth, and later — and the temple (former collective farm cowshed). They were supported by hundreds of protesters. Eventually authorities made concessions, and the Supreme Economic Court took up the case of Protestants. But on March 22 the case was stopped indefinitely. Lawyer says the church "New Life" Sergei Lukanin.
"It is a violation of religious rights and a violation of the Constitution Republic of Belarus. This law violates Article 31, which declares believers equal rights. At this point it is not about how to collect a number of signatures. We wish to collect possible more signatures to direct attention and president of the country, and organs of state power at the situation that exists in the field of the rights of believers. "
Pastor Vyacheslav Goncharenko not exclude that if the authorities approve the decision is not in favor of Protestant believers, they again long protest.
"Since the majority of Protestant churches do not have buildings, they were outlawed. Initially we felt the blow, and later Catholics. Because there is a great need to change this law. If everything will be decided not in our favor, we reserve the right to protest. "
Protestants expect that the desired signatures will be collected during the week, and that the action will join many Christian believers.

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