Putin signed an agreement on the adoption of the Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia

Vladimir Putin issued an address to the Federal Assembly in connection with the annexation of Crimea to Russia. At the end of the speech the President of Russia, Head of the Crimea and Sevastopol Mayor signed the adoption of the Crimea and Sevastopol in the Russian Federation.
The main statements of the President of the Russian Federation
About Crimean referendum

This question is important in principle, the historical significance. March 16 referendum was held in Crimea. More than 96% voted for reunification with Russia. These numbers are more than convincing. To understand why such a choice was made pretty easy to know the history. In Crimea, almost everything is permeated our history and pride. Crimea — a unique fusion of cultures and traditions, and that it is so similar to Russian. Crimea in the heart and minds of the people has been and remains an integral part of.
On the Crimean Tatars and languages

Yes, there was a period when the Crimean Tatars had been taken merciless injustice. Then suffered from repression, millions of people of different nationalities. Crimean Tatars have returned to their land. Solution that will restore their rights, good name in full. It is their common home, their small homeland and will be true if in the Crimea will be three equal municipal language: Russian, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar.
The solution of Khrushchev in the transfer of Crimea Ukraine

Crimea was and remains an integral part of. Before this time and powerless and incidents all historical changes. In 1954, in the Crimea and Ukraine passed at the same time and Sevastopol. The initiator was personally head of the Communist Party, Khrushchev. What drove him, let him understand historians. Issue decided in the margins, in violation of all constitutional norms. People just a fait accompli. We are all aware that this decision was seen as a formality. Then it was impossible to imagine that Ukraine and Our motherland can not be combined. Not sufficiently aware of who the drama happening (disintegration of the USSR). Many had hoped that the CIS will become the newest form of statehood, as promised, and a common currency and a common economic space.

But it all turned out promises, and the country did not become great. Our homeland then felt that she was not just robbed and plundered. And indeed our homeland facilitated dissolution of the USSR. And have forgotten about the Crimea and the Black Sea Fleet base of Sevastopol. Millions of Russian overnight were ethnic minorities.

Millions of Russian went to bed in one country and awakened abroad. Russian people has become one of the greatest people in the world broken. Crimeans they say that in 1991 they were transferred from hand to hand like a sack of potatoes. And Our homeland lowered her head and put up, swallowed this insult. Our country was in such a languid state, which could not protect their interests.
On the situation in Ukraine

They were preparing a coup, they planned to seize power without stopping at nothing. In the course went looting, murder, terror, the main forces were nationalists and anti-Semites russophobes. Right now considering a bill to revise the language policy impairs the rights of national minorities. True sponsors and their supervisors immediately pulled. These people are smart and understand what will build a sample of ethnically Ukrainian government untainted. On the very existence of the law is silent, but it is clear that they will make modern henchmen Bandera, it is clear that the legitimate authorities hitherto unavailable.

Legitimate executive power in Ukraine so far no, no one to talk. Get an appointment with some ministers can only be with the permission of the militants from the Maidan. This is not a joke, it’s a reality of modern life.

The inhabitants of the Crimea and Sevastopol approached Russia with a request to protect their rights and lives. We could not respond to their request, throw in failure. On another it would be a betrayal.
On relations with Ukraine

By agreeing to the delimitation of boundaries, we are practically and legally recognized Crimea Ukrainian territory. We went to Kiev to meet on complex issues, such as separation of the Dark Sea waters. We expected that Ukraine will be our good neighbor that Russian citizens will live in the criteria of democratic enthusiasm, their legitimate interests will be provided. But the situation has evolved differently.

Case with Ukraine is important for us and they should not be held hostage to deadlock disputes. Repeatedly taken samples deprive Russian historical memory, and sometimes language. Russia, like other citizens of Ukraine, suffer from permanent crisis. Understand why people in Ukraine expected changes: the power to get them, just sick of. Changed presidents, prime ministers, members of Parliament, but did not change the ratio of its own people. They milked Ukraine fought for cash. If all this is not enough to motivate them as citizens of the country live.

We wish friendship with Ukraine, I wish that she was a strong state. We have great number of joint projects and in spite of everything, I believe in their success. But I repeat, only the citizens of Ukraine are able to restore order.
About International Law

Russian President has received permission to use the armed forces, but did not use this right. Yes, strengthened our group. Announcing their independence, Crimea relied on the UN Charter. Incidentally Ukraine itself and did the same, announcing his own exit from the USSR. Ukraine enjoyed this right, and it denied Crimeans. Why? Based on the Kosovo precedent.

No general ban on one-sided declaration of independence does not arise from the UN Security Council documents. In addition international practice does not prohibit the declaration of independence. It’s not even a double standards, this magnificent cynicism. We can not always so rude podverstyvat fit your interests.

Quote again: «Declaration of Independence may violate domestic law, but that does not mean it is a violation of international law.» Sami wrote sounded, all bent, and now resent. Acts Crimean right fit in this annotation. For some reason that you can Albanians in Kosovo (and we treat them with respect), forbidden Russian, Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars in Crimea.

If Self-Defense Forces of Crimea fit would not take the situation under control, there could also be a victim. And you know why they were not there? Against the people and their will to wage war virtually impossible or difficult. I wish to thank those Ukrainian soldiers who did not go to the bloodshed and not stained with the blood.

Our Western partners, led by the United States in international politics prefer controlled right strong, they believed in their exclusivity, thinking that right may be the only ones. Here and there use force against the independent states, beat out the desired resolution of international organizations or completely ignore them. So it was in Yugoslavia.

Were Afghanistan and Iran, and frank violation of UN Security Council resolution on Libya. There was a whole string of controlled color revolutions. It is clear that people in these countries are tired of despotism, poverty, lack of prospects. But these feelings are cynically used. As a result, instead of democracy and freedom came a string of terror. The Arab Spring has changed the Arab winter.
On the international sanctions

We threaten sanctions, but we already live in a number of limitations. We all have reason to believe that the unfortunate policy of containment of Russia and now lasts. We are trying to move into a corner, because we are not hypocrites and call a spade a spade. But everything has a limit.

Now we need to finish the tantrum abandon the rhetoric of war and cool to admit that the Russian Federation has national interests that must be considered and respected. With all this we are grateful to everyone who came to realize our steps in the Crimea. Grateful to China, which management considers the situation around the Crimea in all its historical completeness.
On the topic of Ukraine

We have always respected the territorial integrity of Ukraine, in contrast to those who split the country. The current civilian confrontation completely on their conscience. Believe not those who scares you Russia, yelling that in other regions of the Crimea will follow. We do not want the division of Ukraine, we do not need. Crimea will, as was for centuries home to representatives of all the peoples living there. But he will never Bandera. Crimea — is our common wealth, is a strategic area should be stable under the sovereignty, which in fact can only be Russian.
Cooperation with NATO

We are not against cooperation with NATO, but we are opposed to a military organization hosted near our fence on our historical territories. I can not imagine for ourselves, so we went on a visit to Sevastopol to NATO Mariners — they are good guys, but it’s better to come to visit our Sebastopol.
On the state union
Specifically, in such crucial moments manifested maturity civilization. And the people of the Russian Federation showed such maturity, supporting citizens. Hardness of the Russian Federation based on the will of millions of people on national unity, I wish to thank everyone for this attitude.

Some Western politicians already scare us not only sanctions, and the prospects for escalation of the situation within the country. I would like to know what they mean? Acts fifth column? We regard such statements as brutal and will be at their best to respond. We are going to build good neighborly affairs, as is done in the civilized world.

We will never seek confrontation with our partners — either in the east or west. Understand Crimeans who raised the question in a referendum as straight and true. It’s safe to say that the management of the Crimea, in formulating the question rose above group interests. The focus they put the interests of indigenous people. The referendum was conducted openly and honestly. Crimeans clearly expressed their will: they want to be with Russia.

RF is also a difficult decision. What is the outlook of people in Russia? There are different points of view, but the position of the majority of people yavna. About 95% of people believe that our homeland should protect the interests of people living in the Crimea. Only the people is the source of at least some power.
About 2-new federal entities

I bring to the Federal Assembly, and ask to see the adoption of the constitutional law of the Russian Federation 2-new subjects of the Federation — Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol town. Prepared to ratify a contract to join the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol town in the Russian Federation. I do not doubt your support.
A national referendum, which was held March 16, most of the Crimean peninsula in favor of entry into the Russian Federation (according to official figures, 96 percent of voters). After the referendum, the parliament of Crimea peninsula recognized independent state, ruling that since March 17 on areas of the country do not apply Ukrainian laws.

March 17, Putin signed a decree recognizing the Crimea independent state. On the morning of March 18, it became clear that Putin has approved a draft contract between Russia and the Crimea to Russia, acceptance and education of the Crimean Republic within the Russian Federation new subjects. Before this, Russian President notified the Federation Council, the State Duma and the government proposals Crimea and Sevastopol Legislature acceptance of the Russian Federation and the formation of new entities.

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