Putin — the main error Yeltsin

Inconsistent Yeltsin opened the way to power the Cheka, as noted by the South American edition of The Wall Street Journal editorial. Also, The Wall Street Journal article now provides Garry Kasparov "Inheritance Yeltsin." Kasparov writes that Yeltsin was the first governor in Russian history, which did not destroy his enemy. He agreed to independent parliament, but the "character of Boris Yeltsin was a mirror reflection mode dvaistastsi: it freewill struggled with lust for power, black side eventually wins adopted Putin’s decision about the destination "- writes Garry Kasparov.
British newspaper The Guardian in an editorial, "The Destroyer, not a builder" that democracy in Russia stood only 2 years until Boris Yeltsin ordered tanks to fire on parliament.
The Washington Post in this article dedicated to Boris Yeltsin calls him revolutionaries, "a huge and has no equal for themselves figure in Russian history" — "the first Russian politician who had real support from society, which brought public policy in a country where for centuries the policy has been a palace coups and backstage altercation Politburo. "
A Spanish newspaper El Pais said that the death of Yeltsin Putin gives you the opportunity to better their own style. Meanwhile, The newspaper notes that in contrast to that read Putin mon few hours after the death of Boris Yeltsin, in its current address to parliament, Putin is very bad policy praised its predecessor.
Favourite party Democratic Alliance for Novodvorskaya grani.ru writes about Democrats against Yeltsin: "It was not a partnership, it was love … we preached love" word aggressive denial ", but he still suffered from us, and from the press. .. "
Novodvorskaya writes that Boris Yeltsin received tremendous power, gave it to the people who once used this power for evil. Yeltsin "almost seven days gave RF that it has never had," he "came to give us the will and Putin came to take it away — because people are not this will come in handy."
One bad, writes Novodvorskaja — Chechnya, a war that began Yeltsin. There was a night in the queue to the coffin Chechens on their website states that: "the military killed the offender," writes Novodvorskaja and encourages Russian democrats for the liberty which gave Yeltsin, "Governor Boris" of — "let everyone will assume part punishment that Boris Nikolayevich appointed for Chechnya. "

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