Quote a day or April 19

"You have raised the issue that worries embassy me and my colleagues — is the question of political prisoners. According to our data, in Belarus eleven prisoners, including those held in jail or in other places imprisonment. I met with some of the former political prisoners and political prisoners today. A couple of times I met with their families. The last time it was at Christmas.
Something that is very impressive me and my colleagues — is the courage of political prisoners, also the courage of their families who expect their loved ones. As for the ladies to me more touching meeting with parents of political prisoners. As ancestors, they probably do not want their kids perceive a role in political life. But once they are very proud of their babies. "

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States salting to Belarus Karen Stewart in an interview with Liberty answered the question about their own meetings with the families of political prisoners. "

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