Quote a day or April 3

"I urge the Ukrainian people to make a responsible and fair conscious choice that will finish step of political intrigues and open the newest prospect for Ukraine."

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko on the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada and premature parliamentary elections

"Circumstances, I think there may be several. During 1-x, the man broke. Vo-2, he began writing articles, and these articles was pretty harsh criticism of Lukashenko. Eventually, mentioning March 25 two years reversed, filed against him criminal case, and the machine is running. When the machine is working, then everything should go to its logical conclusion. In the end, the government will strive to maintain a certain level of fear in the country. Need a certain amount of political prisoners. Maybe they also decided to choose because this role Andrei Klimov, because trust, that it will protect some, he is a politician as a single. "

Statkevich political prisoner of the arrest and the new criminal case against Andrei Klimov

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