Quote a day or April 4

"While I did not appeal to him. Yesterday he called me himself, after 6 pm already, and said that my husband was arrested and placed in isolation. A to addition time no one in the prosecutor’s investigative department did not pick up. "

Wife of the politician Andrei Klimov Tatiana after his wife passed in jail on some clothes and food several days, stated he wants refer to the investigator Anatoly Guodong to allow her date with her husband.
"Though what decision of so-called Court our country not accepted the tribunal and not the arbitrator Sebastian. All depends on the political situation, the political moment and orders from above. In Belarus, the court is not. "

Favourite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka after, Tribunal as Russian district of Minsk found him guilty in a small hooliganism, but freed from administrative liability due malaznachnastsi offense.
"I used the opportunity to open the court for an appeal to the management of the Ministry of Interior and prosecutors, that they eventually finished with izymatelstva Belarusian police because it is very unsafe for Belarusian of society. "

Siuchyk after a similar court decision.

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