Radio Liberty correspondent killed in Baghdad

Now in the morning her body was found in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. During the last 2-days Hamayl Khalyaf been missing: there were grounds to believe that a journalist hostage withdrawn.
President of Radio "Liberty" said Jeff Gedmin now — after how come the news of the death Hamayl Khalyaf:
"She was a professional journalist with experience in TV work. She risked own life, announcements to say, that convey information to people Iraq. And I know that this applies to all of us on the radio "Freedom" and many of our colleagues in globally, — our thoughts and prayers at this time with Hamayl Khalyaf and her family. "
In Hamayl Khalyaf were three kids.
The real time search lasts disk imaging on the circumstances of destruction radio correspondent "Free Iraq".
Hamayl Khalyaf will be buried at home, in Prague and also held a mourning ceremony.
Paulyear reversed lost another reporter radio "Freedom" — Agulsapar Muradova from Turkmenistan. 58-year-old journalist and human rights activist was arrested by Turkmen authorities on June 18 2006, September 14 state security officers told the kids Muradova about her death. When relatives together with foreign diplomats have gained permission to behold body Agulsapar Muradova, they said that the deceased had beheld a huge wound on his forehead and bumps on the cervix. Turkmen zabugornye and human rights activists claimed that it was a political murder of journalist radio "Freedom".

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