Radunitsa families of missing

"Here lie. All went to the cemetery, and I was lying. Pressure fell, heart weak, can neither walk nor what to do in the house. Name, then said that more shakily so there will die. Because now’ll stay at home, and when you release, you can slowly come herself. "
Juliana G. lives Vasilevichi village Gomel region. States that at the graves of passes Radunitsa many people — relatives, friends, just those who know about the grief and condolences to the family Zakharenko.
"Volodya and the Jura had a lot of friends, and when I come to the cemetery Radunitsa, then see how many of their friends comes. We then svayachanitsay with their treat. As will now, I do not know. "
Mom disappeared ORT cameraman Dmitry Zavadsky Olga morning visited the graves of their parents and relatives. Hearing about the disease Vllyany Zakharenko, Olga Zavadskaja remembered nedavneshnee visit Vasilevich.
"We there wasand. Yes, she is ill, lost weight. But all the same it is well done. Always groomed, dressed, joke with us always. Good for you. "
About Olga for yourself Zavadskaja said briefly: nothing new. The case of her missing son was suspended and virtually no investigating.
"Quiet. Already even no correspondence is not conducted. Society mentions Only here — thanks for not forgets this topic. God forbid someday everything will be clear. "
Zavadsky disappeared in July 2000. For his abduction and murder of convicted former commando Ihnatovich with partners, but the tribunal did not answer the question, where the body of a journalist. No answer to the question as to who ordered the kidnapping.
Wife of Victor Gonchar on Radunitsa cemetery does not attend. Says here none of her relatives were not buried. In what her husband Victor dead, Zinaida not believe.
Phones Krasouskayas family did not respond. It is clear that Ira Krasouskaya constantly lives in the U.S., but often visits Belarus. She beheld at an opposition rally in Freedom day.
Facilitator. Belarusian opposition, human rights activists and many in the world believe that the kidnapping politicians Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar, businessman Anatoly Krasovsky and Dmitry Zavadsky — Belarusian business "death squad" lurking Department SWAT team, headed by Dmitry Pavlichenko. In the midst of alleged disappearances also referred to as the former minister Interior Yuri Sivakov, former prosecutor general Viktor Sheiman.
EU countries and the United States forbade check these individuals for their views. Reports European institutions noted that the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko not conducive to an impartial investigation of the cases of the missing.

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