Real wages Belarusians for 4 months decreased by 6%

Why lowered real wages?
Economic Observer weekly "Belarusians and Market" Konstantin Skuratovich believes that reduction of salaries first year — an ordinary thing, because at the end of the year people often pay premium surcharge:

Konstantin Skuratovich "Celeta this decrease was more significant than in previous years. "

"And in February, already through taxes, by switching to everyday graphics due to the fact that since the beginning of the year the conditions of production and sales only installed, reduced corporate profits. And reduced wages for those who depend on wage developing . But specifically in this this year decrease was more significant than in previous years . "
Economist Leonid Zlotnikov also notes the seasonal variations of salaries:
"In December, wages always quite the highest, as the results of the year to give enterprises inflated wages. But in February — the month of small, less working days, and earnings because people got a bit lower. But in reality, there is a decline."
I asked Leonid Zlotnikov predict will take time if you know the growth of wages. According to the views of economists, in This year wages will not rise.
"I think even that will fall. I mean, that the smallness of real wages will fall, "- says Leonid Zlotnikov.
As in this time people evaluate their real position? Talking to Minsk dwellers.
Reporter: "Do you remember the last time for you to increase wages?"
Lady: "Oh, do not even remember when. Do not remember. Apparently, long time ago, when I do not remember."
Lady: "The rent is very high prices in the shops grow with Every funny day. "

"Are not we getting something cheaper? Prices only increase."

Reporter: "And the wages for you when increased?"
Lady: "Oh, a year earlier, seems. Even I do not remember exactly. Not throw on pensions, salaries also do not increase. "
Woman: "Immediately felt deterioration in January. Had only to come to the store. Past four months, prices have risen significantly, come tickets for sale too, all with higher and higher sum."
Man: "Naturally, it became worse. Rents increased, prices went up everywhere, and pensions, wages are in place."
Reporter: "What wages have not added?"
Man: "It is clear that there is! What is it? What, do not you understand? "
Lady: "And unless we became something cheaper? Prices only increase."
Reporter: "A salary?"
Lady: "There remain the same."
Economic commentator Konstantin Skuratovich expressed the view that the situation in the payment of wages may be complicated by:
"And could this situation emerge, especially in the fuel industry, construction materials industry, if businesses will not recover funds. In-2-x, they will not even have enough money to pay salaries. And have, as you did earlier, to take loans from banks to pay salaries to people. "

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