Recommend this Frolov, let teach Belarusian language, and later already in policy

Pavel, Minsk: "a day of work prazdnichka congratulations of his son Alexander Kozulin age as of 1st of the best people from an early age in various spheres of public life. Falsified his power under yarlychek bully keeps killing him in the bullpen as a real opposition . Kazulina Freedom! "
Man: "Good evening," Freedom. "Curiously, why is it you call Frolova politician? Well, it was previously so yes appointees deputies then could so read. And now a politician? The party takes some position, as he climbed, it was necessary to get somewhere. Well the fact that he retired, he makes this work do not need to think about a piece of bread. And what of his policies, we have beheld when she wanted to build your own "army" at Bangalore. And how much his supporters gathered there? Bubble this either Frolov, not a politician. Since the Lord that if long and stubbornly, in Belarusian said. Recommend this Frolov, let teach whiteRussian language, and later already in politics. Thank you for your attention. "
Man: "Here I express outlook. The country of freedom and democracy in Estonia, about democracy which" Freedom "so upset, the police dispersed the demonstrators cruelly, beating the 60 people, hundreds arrested one person killed. Used water cannons, tear gas grenades. And it’s all right. "Freedom" with 2 words only bypassed. Was necessary in Minsk on two minutes take two demonstrators in the car for a whole week without a break of 15-20 minutes chanting ".
Lady: "Good evening," Freedom. "1st of May is celebrated in Belarus as a municipal prazdnichek. And for what it is when people live in terror, afraid to tell the truth and to defend himself? And shamefully indecent that our country There are political prisoners, often, how do we justify, for insulting the president and the pros. Human rights activist Catherine Sadovskaya constant, unhealthy lady there, too. What it did for the honor and dignity of his such that, that justify their need to throw people in jail!
We can say honor of President Yushchenko, who gently, fine and, more importantly, with respect to the states own native language in Ukraine, not in the language of another country. Dealing with political prisoners in Belarus is converted into a trade issue with the West, Europe. Stolen horses previously traded on the market for more than decently. Thank you. All the best work. "
Jackiewicz Alexander, Vitebsk: "I am very pleased that adopted a resolution concerning the criminal agreement and criminal contracting system. For this you need only an international tribunal to judge and give the greatest time to all those who are involved and who commit these outrages, harming own country, own people. Thank you so much. "

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