Regional congresses only destroy the democratic forces inside …

In Gorki Branch BPF, the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) and the Communist Party of the Belarusian special statement dubbed function nominating delegates to the conference th Congress undemocratic and opaque to the activists in the region.
"The level of organization of the congress was highlighted by other PKB, which was once at the meeting have chosen as a delegate to Congress, but he did not go there. Later he moved to the general PBC. And now it exists in the lists of delegates to the Congress," — said Edward Brokarau.
Views on favorite Krycheu coalition Sergei Nerovny, adherents Milinkevich deliberately deprive ability to participate in the congress.
"Measures that delegates belonging to the side Milinkevich, were not party mini-Congress. And it is clear that a party wishes to use on your own way to spend your situation and solutions", — says Sergey Uneven.
Bobruisk coalition "For Freedom" will not participate in the conference in a symbol of solidarity with the friends lookout Central Commission has not admitted as delegates to the Congress.

Ales Chyhir "replaced in order to win the hearts and souls of play in these regional meetings."

Favourite coalition "For Freedom" Ales Chyhir believes that regional conferences and Congress — is impractical:
"All these regional congresses nothing else, as a replacement concepts. Replaced in order to win the hearts and souls, playing these regional meetings, congresses, which no role in establishing communications with people not play, and contribute only destruction Democratic Forces from within. "
Yesterday late evening Mogilev regional organizations Belorussian catsyyal Democratic Party (Hramada) and BPF decided not to participate Democratic Forces Mogilev region.
They reserved the right to decide whether to participate in the delegate of the Congress party.

Vasily Berezienko: "Breaking the role of the regional conference could lead to nepravyadennya Congress."

Managing the regional organization of the Party of Communists Belarusian Valery Berezienko notes that non-participation in the regional conference of delegates from the Social Democratic Party, BPF makes it ineligible.
"I do not approve of the decision of the Central Supervisory Committee. Maybe she and exceeded its capacity, but the rejection of the role of the regional conference could result in Congress united nepravyadennya Democratic Forces. And this, of course, ugly and ill. "
Democratic forces preparing for the Congress

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