Released the new album HPM

"The album is notable for his own music eklektychnastsyu, nenarmavanastsyu style — told in an interview our radio favorite group Lavon Volsky. — We do not currently slaves style, and the style of the reports for use or other thought that is laid in the song. Because there is multi-style songs — from metal and rock to the English. Created everything as created. The concept came into existence later. The title of the album, which at the moment so intensively criticizes youth, zero 6 — is the second album by number, in 1-x. In-2 is at the moment is a memoir of 2006, when it is all built. Well and magical meaning of the number "6" — it byazmezhnasts, cross and so on … "
Music written in the group, the main creator of texts made Lavon Volsky. Drummer Oleg Demidovich that neither the 1st album did not leave without at least one own song, written on This time three of them. Besides a song created by the words of the 1st group of admirers.
On this week songs from the new album, "HPM" will be sounded in our night air.
The song "You"

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