Research: the theft of nonferrous metals

Now there is information that at the transformer substation in Senenskom district, Vitebsk region died from government current local inhabitant.
Senno duty police department:
"Most likely, the reason for non-ferrous metals. At least, before such incidents in the area was not. But to clarify all details of material oriented to the district prosecutor’s office."
In Last year throughout Belarus stolen 130 tons of copper wire, 39 razladavana transformers, power strip 23. The total loss of 600 million rubles. With all this five people were killed and two received severe burns.
9 March, the facade of the house number 13 on the street in Minsk Romanov Sloboda missing plaque, which honored the memory of five hundred Jews deported from Germany in 1942 and destroyed in the Minsk ghetto.
Salting Germany Martin Hecker announced merit a thousand euros for information that will help find a memorable character.
The man who gave such information and funds received from the ambassador, not willed to call his own behalf and said that came on board near the reception Fri nonferrous metals Kolodishchi.
In Minsk department blanks dark and non-ferrous metals, which governs the procurement item in Kolodishchi not know about there found a plaque.
"We have a house on the procurer Kolodishchi perceives. But, anyway, we he had not informed. And what generally from individuals? Pans, spoons pass, cast iron bathtubs, radiators. Make repairs in apartments, that someone- what changes, The old bear all. We also take industrial products is prohibited. Because if from time to time this happens, reverse wrapped collectors.’s all checked. We are very checks and abuse we have no right. "
According to the decree Alexander Lukashenko, signed in 2005, for non-ferrous metal workpiece organizations are required to have a license. The media may not publish procurement notices marketing and sale of precious metal scrap.
In Last year unknown stole three rifles with a bronze memorial "Breakthrough" in Ushachi wound Vitebsk region. Coupled with guns disappeared and memorable signs. Carbines soon found in the forest. Director of the local museum of national glory Nicholas Brick convinced incident — the handiwork of hunters for non-ferrous metals.
"Almost no one found. People who took it as non-ferrous metals, but later could not sell them all by themselves and planted. CONTRIBUTE that we responded quickly to the incident, the police joined. Anyway, two days on the trail. But Now another problem — 34 million rubles calculated for the restoration of the memorial. Ministry of Culture has already given permission for the restoration, led, who will do it. By May 9, will, it seems, everything is made. "
Historian Oleg Trusov recalls of other similar cases. In 2001 the building of the former Institute of the Belarusian culture disappeared memorial plaque in honor of the classic literature Maxim Garetsky. Unknown stole state boards hero Belarus Kalinouski of cinema "Vilnius" artist Jazepa Drozdovich in Troiza, and other prominent personalities.
"Acts of vandalism occur throughout Belarus. At the military cemetery as bronze details stolen, beaten! Generally presently trend: the bronze any boards do (because colored metal) and with silumina. Silumin, based on aluminum, nobody wants . But not only concerns the problem of Belarus. Vilnius opened Belarusian intelligentsia beautiful bronze plaque Natalia Arsenyev. pobyla little — and stole. Who will find? Neither the police there, neither the police here does not protect the board. statement you write, they will put it in a folder and forget. If you talk about color metal, it is necessary, so that was security — alarm system, camera. Maybe Outdoor Systems, but should be a person who protects her. But no protection to be made of materials that you do not pass. "
Under the Penal Code for theft crosses, symbols and signs can be punished with correctional labor or imprisonment to 3 years.

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