Results of European expertise Polish meat Our homeland does not recognize

In November 2005 Russian side accused the Poles that the exporters of meat products this country impose invalid certificates on properties of their products, and because our homeland is obliged to prohibit the importation of such products in their area.
Through some time Russians suddenly forbade also import goods of plant origin, on which Polish exporters have lost 10 matches millions of dollars.
In response, Poland blocked negotiations between the EU and Russia in the signing of a new partnership agreement, requiring the EU to express solidarity with Warsaw in the "meat dispute" with Moscow.
The European Union sent their commission to Poland veterinary professionals, then the representative of the European Commission Philip Tod said that "the Russian embargo on Polish meat unjustified."
Oleg this, the President of Poland, is not enough.
Kaczynski: "I read his European friends that in some matters, and they make mistakes from time to time, we are unable to convince the other 26 EU states that are right. Fact that this case no solidarity, is a big mistake. "
Meanwhile Our homeland recently stated that the report euroallied veterinary professionals who conduct inspections of Polish meat processing companies, "insufficiently thorough" and necessary to carry out "additional control". A it means, that the recent cancellation of Russian embargo can hardly wait.

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