Russia will not save on defense

Russia will not save on defense
Russian President and Supreme Commander Vladimir Putin stressed that without a strong army can not be strong and sovereign Russia.

Addressing the graduates of military academies and institutes at the festive reception in the Kremlin on Wednesday, he promised that «to strengthen the armed forces and enhance the status of military personnel, we will not save.»

«So ahead of you a lot of work. You will come to the troops during the period when there is a large-scale rearmament of the army and navy, when it is necessary to develop a modern instrument, advanced management strategy units and subunits, when at times increases for each of you the intensity of combat training «, — the head of the country allocated.

«You will serve in difficult and very challenging time. Security challenges, unfortunately, are not reduced, and their lack. And we must correctly answer any potential danger. To defend our national interests in at least some part of the world «- said Putin.

Addressing the officers who recently join the ranks of law enforcement agencies and special services, the president said: «In the security of the Russian Federation you are responsible for the most complex areas. Among them — the fight against terrorism and extremism, reliable protection of our people from crime and danger of corruption, maintaining public order. «

According to Putin, there will need their «professionalism, determination and ability to execute the order in the most difficult situation.»

Dwelling on social dilemmas of the Armed Forces, the President noted that the government «will continue to do everything to make decent conditions for the service life of military families.»

As the President said, is the goal of the country, «social guarantees to Russian soldiers met the highest social safeguards servicemen from other countries.»

Putin recalled that this year is one hundred percent complete reform of the system of currency servicemen. In the army and all law enforcement agencies, he said, it has grown at times, and will be markedly increased annual military pensions indexed.

Putin said that the government will deal with the properties of honey increase security, «the construction of a network of modern military camps with all the social structure, giving jobs to family members of military personnel.»

President outlined with all this, that by 2014 the government must provide one hundred percent «permanent housing officers who stood in line at home on January 1, 2012.» «In the coming housing will be provided as planned,» — he added.

Putin expressed the hope that it will also be provided without perennial queues. To do this, he explained, the military launched a mechanism mortgage.

The President stressed that the Armed Forces will continue to apply to our own history, «to state values ​​to military traditions.» He noted that this is why «one of the most significant decisions was to restore parts of the names of famous Russian and Russian army.» In this he sees «indissoluble unity of the history of Russia and the Russian army.»

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