RUSSIAN interceptor aircraft will acquire the «long arm»

RUSSIAN interceptor aircraft will acquire the

MiG-31BM will be equipped with new long-range missiles in the summer of 2013

Russian fighter aircraft at times to increment their punching power. This will happen with the adoption by MiG-31BM range missiles K-37M «air-to-air.» A senior source in the Main Command of the Air Force said, «Izvestia» that these missiles tweaked a hundred percent in the metropolitan Engineering Design Bureau (ICB) «Vympel» named Toropova aviators and expect it to fly next year.
— The new missiles will be armed with the upgraded MiG-31BM, our main interceptor. This «long arm» capable of hitting the high-speed air targets at a distance of about 200 km, — Glavkomat officer said.
HAEDAT passed tests from 2009 to mid-2012 and were exhibited at MAKS. But the tactical and technical properties of the K-37M have not been disclosed, and is currently known only major.
Aircraft missile destroys objects on a collision course. After obtaining the coordinates of the target it is the inertial system, causing the victim does not see it. Particularly in front of goal cut one active homing (AGSN), which is able to detect the enemy already, but it is not very much time for evasion.
Due to its own AGSN «long arm» overtakes target maneuvering overload up to 8 G, in other words, highly maneuverable aircraft of the U.S. F-16 and F-22 fifth generation. Head is resistant to electronic warfare (EW), its active (and suppress false signals) and passive (chaff as foil strips) methods.
Missile weight more than 500 kg, and the final segment flight accelerated to a speed of Mach 6. But close combat missile native R-27 Russian aircraft weighs 250-300 kg in the area.
Interlocutor «Izvestia» in the Main Command of the Air Force said that the long-range missiles needed MiG-31, because it is designed as an interceptor distant radius of action.
— In the late 1970s, the car had the R-33, which at the moment are his staff weapon. But R-33 all the same outdated, because it was designed for the old Tu-128 interceptor to combat malomanevrennymi goals. At the moment, while high-speed and highly maneuverable aircraft, electronics and frisky complexes electronic warfare (EW), — he added.
The representative of the 1st Company of the military-industrial complex, in turn, said, «Izvestia» that the analog of the MiG-31 interceptor was a South American carrier-based F-14 Tomcat with missiles AIM-54 Phoenix.
— In the 1990s, the U.S. pererablotali own «cat» in the fighter-bomber, and at the moment it generally withdrawn from service. Americans felt that «Phoenix» does not cope with the new generations of aircraft. But we decided that the P-33 with the new seeker and engine capable of killing at least some of the enemy, — he told.
In 1997, the tests modernized P-33 be successfully ended. Brand new rocket set a world record struck a high-speed maneuver target at a distance of 304 km. Export version of the P-33 and was named HAEDAT.
Immediately Russian gunsmiths started the project the latest R-37M. It is different from their predecessors in that it has completely element base in Russia. In the preliminary version of the missile was ready in 2007.
Existing military pilots fluctuate utility «long arm.» One of the pilots told «Izvestia» said that 200 km missile overcome more than two minutes, and is an eternity in a dogfight.
— Assume a heavy and clumsy type bomber B-52 is not going anywhere, and the same F-16 — finds the wind in the field. Back in the late 1990s, Americans were shooting «Phoenix» on Iraqi MiG-25 and never got — he told.
According to him, when the rocket includes active head, the target has disappeared from the capture radius.
— Not in vain the U.S. abandoned such missiles. Radar aircraft at 200 km is not working and need a distant radar detection aircraft (AWACS). While targeting and teams will go back and prepare and launch a rocket while it will fly for two minutes — and track enemy evaporate, — he said.
Aviation expert, the last Air Force officer Yuri Karnofsky believes that the dispute professionals right Glavkomat officers.
— This brand new air combat missile, which soon strongly enough. The problem lies elsewhere: at the moment a single broken radar detection field of Russia, north of the country is almost completely naked. Who will give target designation, and will bring the MiG-31 on purpose? In addition, intact considered interceptor capable of up in the air for 48 hours. Well, for what it modern long-range missiles? — Said the expert.
He stressed that before adopting a new weapon should be brought in readiness all the interceptors.

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