Russian oil passes Belarus

Project pipeline capacity to 80 million tons per year Our homeland has previously used as a means of pressure on Belarus.
Construction of the pipeline will allow RF abandon oil transit via Belarus and Poland to the European Union through the pipeline "Druzhba".
According to the newspaper "Kommersant" on This time thought BPS-2 is discussed behind closed doors by the government — likely, strategic rejection of the "Friendship" has already been approved.
Despite the resolution of the January oil crisis in relations with Belarus, the Russian government wants to return to the project of building the second branch of the Baltic Pipeline System.
In the Ministry of Industry confirmed that the revised draft government order to expand capacity by building BTS newest branch Unecha Great Luke-Primorsk again submitted to the government. The Ministry pronounced that the project "will contribute to the growth of export potential of, and will allow to reduce the risk of transit."

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