Rylatko: I believe that the enemy more for the artist than the soundtrack, there is no

In an editorial titled "Together with the people", "Lim" in 1947 states: "Help the village becomes a matter of the whole people. Duty writers — to be among the masses, follow and demonstrate a sincere and means of artistic expression anxious labor heroism of those who are now fighting for our happy tomorrow. writer must build our eyes this powerful patriotic fervor of the people. He will find a huge number of new topics, the brightest images, paints for future works. "
"The Banner of Youth"
"The Banner of Youth", year 1987. Actor Victor Manayeu, Komsomol Central Committee member, says: "All we hear often reproaches the address press that she, say, in pursuit of" sensatsyynastsyu "typizue individual facts and aspects of our lives. Thereby, I think, we humiliate extraordinary role of the press in the deployment of publicity … And guesses as if the publication of the "negative" do not let see the "positive", which are expressed from time to time — I seem to be controversial and somewhat demagogic. "
"I believe that the enemy more for the artist than the soundtrack does not exist, — states in 1997 from the pages of "Stars" Deputy Culture Minister Vladimir Rylatko. — At the moment we have disclosed Youth Theatre stage. Imagine for yourself what happens if the outset own activities young singers get used to the track. And at this point, even some children’s groups have learned to lie … What personality we grow such makarom? "

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