S.Bogdankevich: Why not ask the lowest wages in Belarus?

"I wish that journalists from Russia asked:" Here we have an average salary of 1.5 and even 1.8 times higher wages in Belarus. What’s the matter? "Or even more significant question:" Here is your neighbors in Lithuania or Poland wages have 2-3 times more at the lowest possible prices for food. What is it, if you so everything is fine? Not so long ago our government said that about 600 thousand inhabitants of small towns receive salaries least 400 thousand. How are going to assist these people? Why do so many companies in agriculture unprofitable? Half of the companies zakreditovannye and even on the payroll take credit, payment of which is postponed again. This is evidence of the disease economy. "
That these questions I waited. They might ask Prof. journalists, if indeed prepared. But Lukashenko sounded nothing but praise, and he only boast. "

Tags: journalists, Russian economy, Bogdanovich, press conference

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