S.Shushkevich: I’m in almost all cases was hot supporter of Yeltsin

Shushkevich: "With this man I have linked excellent memoirs — before Vezhoy in Viskuly well and after Viskuli. I am in almost all cases it was hot supporter, and had no reason to sulk when I walked away, and he remained president. So I have the most excellent memoir about this man. And I think, that what they say in Russia, many that almost all failed, because he did not act well, then I would have said he was the first president, and act well — very difficult. I am very sorry that he died so early. "
SV: "He was one of the people who are involved in the disintegration of the Russian Empire, which eventually Belarus gained independence. You were still one person, but still at the moment, Your views — how to evaluate his role for the acquisition of Belarusian independence? "
Shushkevich: "You know, this is not a common question, I think that at the time when he wanted to get rid of Gorbachev on himself, another step was not, except to recognize the independence of Belarus. And hedid it dignity and never did form, it was forced to. "
SV: "In your opinion, or his death affects the current political situation in Russia?"
Shushkevich: "I think that is not much, since it was far from those cases and was not completely adherent of the direction in which develops our homeland."

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