Salting USA: Very impressive courage political prisoners (Photo Gallery)

Photo Gallery

Hanna Sous: "The United States Government once urged the Belarusian authorities to release political prisoners.
Specifically, the representative of the United States proposed to submit the question of fasting former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin on the UN Security Council session. And you once said that this question is one of the activities in Belarus.
Did you meet with Belarusian political prisoners and their families? What a memory you have made these meetings — as a manager and as a U.S. diplomatic mission on the lady? "
Karen Stewart "You have raised the issue that worries embassy me and my colleagues — is the question of political prisoners. According to our data, in Belarus eleven prisoners, including those held in jail or in other places of detention.
I met with some of the former political prisoners and political prisoners today. I met a couple of times with their families. The last time it was at Christmas.
Something that is very impressive me and my colleagues — is the courage of political prisoners, also the courage of their families who expect their loved ones.
As for the ladies to me more touching meeting with parents of political prisoners. As ancestors, they probably do not want their kids perceive a role in political life. But once they are very proud of their babies. "
Sous: "Mrs. Stewart, a few days back the clock on Radunitsa I visited Kurapaty Tracts and beheld flowered" bench Clinton "with her burning candles.
I recall that in January, the U.S. president a gift memorial symbol "From the U.S. to commemorate the people of Belarus" was once again vandalized. This is the eleventh act of vandalism against "Clinton’s Bench."
Few years ago after another vandalism proposed to move the U.S. embassy, "Clinton’s bench" at the embassy area, as the Belarusian authorities failed to ensure the safety of the memorial sign. Or does not consider the embassy at the moment such option? And when and how the lava will be repaired? "
Stewart: "For me it is a very tough decision. Needless to say, the only solution that will allow to keep this memorial symbol — move it to the area of the embassy.
In this case, we could be required to keep this memorial at the embassy until there is a situation that the monument will hold harmless Kurapaty.
But I personally believe that we should give up this monument in Kurapaty, because it is the place where this character will symbolize how we treat victims of Stalinist repression. Kurapaty — a place where the Belarusians and the Americans can come and give homage.
At the moment, we are considering several options, possible repair bench, and take measures to protect it from the following acts of vandalism. "

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